Wednesday, July 29, 2009

LETTING GO OF MY CREATIVE SIDE is having its 9th annual ripped off show for member artists. This year I partnered with three fellow ebsq artists. The idea is you search your partner’s portfolios and they search yours; then, you each choose a piece to rip off. The key to this is you really have to love your partner’s work. This year I was very blessed in that department. All three of my partners have a wonderful whimsical quality to their work that I find inspirational.

An added bonus is that we all trade our pieces. So, I get to add a piece of artwork from some of my favorite artists to my own personal collection. Here are the three pieces that I mailed to their new homes yesterday. All cats. I wonder if that means anything.

My rip of a Sara Field piece is a fabric appliqué, quilted pillow stuffy. I have been a big fan of Sara Field ever since I found one of her Klimt pieces on eBay. I hope my rip does her work justice.

My rip for Elizabeth VanSickle is what I like to call a stuffed painting, all hand painted on muslin and stuffed. I really enjoyed creating this piece for Beth and wish her the best in health and happiness. I really love the Geisha she did for me! She is a very talented artist and I find her work especially inspiring.

My rip of S. Olga Linville is one of my non-traditional sock dollys. For a long time, I have been attracted to S. Olga Linville’s whimsical cat art. She is such a talented artist. I hope she enjoys her new doll.

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Albinocrow said...

OMGosh! I just now found your blog Tina. I just love what you did with Klimt Kitty. Your artistic talent and sewing skills are impecable. Purrr-fection!
Sorry I didn't comment sooner.